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Racquetballs from Gearbox

Posted by Josh K on

These are racquetballs from Gearbox Racquetball. They eat, drink and sleep racquetball. Gearbox was founded in San Diego by Rafael Filippini, a touring pro with a background in design and composites. Here is why Gearbox was started, from their mouths:
Gearbox Racquetball was fueled by the burning desire to not only create superior, technology-based racquets and accessories but also, to help rebuild and change the sport we love.
These racquetball characteristics:
  • sleek
  • enhanced with great contrast
  • fast and smooth
  • light and consistent
  • USAR approved


Blue Racquetball Everyone seems to have a preference. For some reason the blue racquetballs seem to be the most popular. We could be wrong but they do fly off the shelves. The blue is a good contrast and easy to see, also as a sleek ball it catches your eye.


Black Racquetball If you asked me what I thought would be the most popular I would say the black. It is a common color and very basic. The sleekness of the ball really pops when you are playing and they look great. Regardless of the color you choose please find all your racquetball needs here on our Racquetball equipment page.

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