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How to Use the PickleNet Pickleball Net System

Posted by Josh K on

The official size of a Pickleball net is 34" tall and 22 feet long. Let us take a look first at the playing court.


What does a Pickleball Court Look Like?

Take a look at the image below. The pickle ball court looks similar to a tennis court. The dimensions of the court are smaller than a tennis court and are the same as a badminton court. The size of the court is 44 feet by 20 feet. Unlike tennis, whether you play singles or doubles the court is the same size. The net itself is 36" on the ends and 34 inches in the middle. 

On both sides of the net is a 7 foot non volley zone. Behind each of the non-volley zones are two service courts both 15 feet long and 10 feet wide. Between the service courts is a center line. Behind the service courts is the baseline. That is the size and setup of a Pickleball court.


The Popular PickleNet Portable Net System

This pickleball net system is c


reated by the company Oncourt Offcourt which was started by Joe Dinoffer. Joe has had an impressive career in the tennis industry, and has conducted clinics and exhibitions in over 50 countries. This PickleNet system is portable. However the quality is that of a permanent net system. With this net you can convert tennis courts, basketball courts, and other flat courts into pickleball courts. Since pickleball courts are smaller than the aforementioned courts you can use these nets to make multiple courts from one tennis or basketball court.


Setup a Pickleball Net

If you have ever setup an outdoor net such as badminton or other nets, you know that it is not easy. Also it is hard to find a quality construction net. The PickleNet system is a portable net of very high quality evidenced by the fact that it is made from a powder-coated steel. What I like the most about this net is the center-strap design that assures there is consistent height. Also seen in this picture to the right are the adjustment straps on the edge of the net to provide perfect tension.


There is also a carrying case provided. A high quality portable net allows you or your club, a school, anyone, to quickly setup a pickleball court. As you can see the net fits into a neat rectangular bag and you could take a couple of them to setup a tournament anywhere.


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