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What equipment do you need to play Pickleball?

Posted by Josh K on

Pickleball can be started easily with just a handful of items.

The quick and easy way to get a feel for the game If you have never played pickle ball and want to get a feel for the game here is a quick way to get started. Start with just two paddles, they are known as pickleball paddles, and a pickleball. Sets are often sold with two paddles and a ball. You just need a hard court and net. Try a tennis court and test out the feel of the paddles and balls. The next step is the proper size court and lines and the rules.


The pickleball equipment to get your game on

Once you have your paddles and balls, next is the net size and court size. The size of the court and net can be found on our pickleball equipment page. Basically the net is 36" on the ends and 34" inches in the center. If you are playing on a tennis court then you only need to lower the center of the net to 34". The court itself is 44 feet by 20 feet, this is the big difference between a pickleball court and a tennis court. We go into detail on the pickelball court and net system here.

The basic rules

The basic pickleball rules are here in a PDF format to save or print. Hopefully with the basic pickleball equipment above and our simple rule sheet, you can get started enjoying pickleball on a local tennis court. If you enjoy it then find a local group, club or others to play with.

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