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Z5 Graphite Widebody Paddle - LightWeight and WIDE

Posted by Josh K on

This new paddle is both lightweight and has a wider paddle surface area than most. It is made by Onix Sports and is named the Z5 Graphite Widebody. With this paddle you have excellent control and finesse. Every paddle has a different feel and performance, this is one that allows you to hit hard and still be consistent. 

The graphite material makes this paddle light. You may pick up another paddle and realize that this one is much lighter, however neither are so heavy that you cannot pick them up so what is the real advantage? The advantage comes over time. As you play you being to feel the heavier paddle more and the weight can effect your game. Think about picking up your neice, nephew, grand children, you may be able to pick them up once but now carry them for 100 yards. That is a different story. The same goes for paddles, the more you play the more you will feel the weight. The wide paddle body also gives you a tennis like feel. The wider body and light weight may just make play that more enjoyable.


Steve Wong & Onix Sports

Onix Sports makes Pickleball equipment, paddles, clothing, and all things you would need to play and enjoy Pickleball. The company was started and is owned by a Top-Ranked Pickleball player named Steve Wong. Steve is shown in the picture above. Steve Wong is a three-time National Champion. Steve won Gold in the Men's Open, Mixed Open and Men's Open Age Group. Steve is a proud promoter of Pickleball across the world. The paddle comes in multiple colors. You can find the Onix Z5 Graphite Widebody paddle in our store here.

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