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Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge
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Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge

Wolfe X3 - 3K Carbon Fiber and Graphite with an Edge

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The X3 Paddle has 4 Layers and a Smaller Honeycomb Core 

The Wolfe X3 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is our strongest and most durable paddle with an Edge Guard.  This paddle was designed from the ground up to be strong, light and durable. 

Important features to note about a paddle are the edge, the handle grip, the core of the paddle and the surface of the paddle. This is an edged paddle which means it has an edge guard and therefore the edges will not chip. Another unique design feature is the the edges are filled before we apply the edge guard making the paddle even stronger and more durable.  There are padded grips to provide an excellent balance between comfort and control.  It has an Aluminum honeycomb core which is strong and light. 

Smaller Aluminum Honeycomb Core

At the center of every paddle is the core.  Some cores are merely cardboard while we use aluminum for strength and to keep the weight down.  The aluminum is in a honeycomb pattern.  Our Honeycomb core has very small honeycombs which allow the impact to be distributed among more cores and creates a more durable paddle.

Glossy or Matte

You can choose from a Glossy finish (shiny) or Matte finish (no shine).  

To Be Discontinued

The X3 (has an edge) but it is the same paddle as the Edgeless XF, therefore we are going to discontinue the X3.  Get it while you can, once they are gone they're gone.

4 Layers

The surface is a unique 4 layer design.  The first layer is a Resin applied on top of the Small Honeycomb Core. The second layer is Fiberglass and the third layer is Graphite.  Finally the fourth layer is an interwoven 3K Carbon Fiber. 

These four layers create a paddle and surface that is very strong and durable, all while being lightweight.  It is super strong and weighs in at 8.1 ounces.


  • This paddle has an Edge Guard.  The Wolfe XF paddle is the same design as this paddle but does not have an edge, if you are an aggressive player we suggest this X3 paddle as the edge guard helps protect against chips.
  • The surface is made up of 4 layers as follows: a Resin layer, Fiberglass layer, then topped with Graphite and finally a 3K Carbon Fiber which make the paddle surface very strong and durable
  • The core of the paddle is a Aluminum Honeycomb Core (small honeycoms) which is light, strong and durable.
  • Specifications: Length is 15.5” ,  Width is 7.625  ,  Grip: 4.25 Inches  ,  Weight: 8.1 ounces (ranges from 7.9 to 8.2)
  • Comes with a Paddle case. as shown in the pictures.

The paddle was tested by IFP/USAPA, the International and U.S. Pickleball Association. It meets all specifications and is accepted for tournament play.  Play with confidence and play with the best.



"Overall, this is an excellent paddle. It was designed with very nice materials that are durable and perform well under normal use. I also like that the paddle isn't too light (7 oz) or too heavy (9 oz). When I weighed it, it was 8 oz. This paddle fits well into 5.0 level pickleball and does well on both hitting hard shots and dinking at the net. On the spectrum of whether this paddle has a "lively" feel to it or a more "soft" feel, it is more on the soft side. To compare, it has a similar feel to a PaddleTek or maybe Champions, but constructed in a better design and from quality materials (many of my friends use PT and like the feel, but complain about the lack of durability, needing too many replacements). I'm impressed that such a small and relatively new company could make this impressive paddle. I've used several of the paddles that this company has produced, with all of them being good paddles, but this one is the best. Even the new graphics are an appropriate improvement over many other pball paddles that have childish or annoying pictures on them. It even comes with a nice case for it. Why don't other companies give cases to protect our paddles?

As others have oft noted on their reviews of paddles from this company, the customer service is outstanding."

Brandon Long

(Above on the podium after a first place finish with his X3)


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