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This is the essential pickleball equipment that you need

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What makes playing pickleball so fun and exciting? Pickleball is a sport that combines elements from tennis, badminton and ping-pong. This fun game is a great excuse to get your family and friends together, regardless of their age. As long as you all have the right pickleball equipment, you are ready to go and enjoy yourself. The best thing about pickleball is that it can be played indoors, as well as outdoors. This great tennis-like game is easy for beginners to learn, but it can quickly progress into a real competitive game for experienced players.  Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court. At the center of the court, there is a thirty-four-inch-modified tennis net. A standard pickleball court has the shape of a rectangle which is twenty feet wide and forty-four feet long. These measurements apply to both singles and doubles matches. A pickleball playing area should be at least thirty feet wide and sixty feet long. However, the recommended playing area size is thirty-four feet by sixty-four feet. Court lines should be clearly visible, in contrast with the court surface color, and two inches in width. Pickleball is a remarkably fun game, especially for people who enjoy racket sports. However, this game is easy to learn, even for the people who have never played a racket sport before. The best thing about a pickleball game is that all players will have a blast as soon as they start playing.


Pickleball paddles – No.1 piece of pickleball equipment

When pickleball was first invented, it was played with wooden paddles similar to those used for table tennis. Primarily, pickleball paddles were made of wood and didn’t change for a few decades. Eventually this changed with the introduction of many new creative designs for pickleball paddles which appeared in the period between the late 1970’s and late 1990’s. Paddles made from a combination of wood and fiberglass were one of the most attractive choices for pickleball players. Within the following years, the basic wooden design of pickleball paddles changed into three-layer paddles. These three layers included a cardboard or aluminum core between two layers of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Later on, the paddles were cut to shape, and ready to be used by pickleball players. However, nearly five decades after this fun sport was created, wooden pickleball paddles are still the first choice of pickleball equipment for many players. 

Wooden paddles are used as pickleball equipment in many schools, as well as community centers, due to their affordable price. For professional players, there are graphite paddles which are far more expensive.


Outdoor and indoor pickleball balls

Besides pickleball paddles, another essential piece of pickleball equipment are the specially designed balls. There are many different models of pickleballs available in various colors. Some of them are only approved for indoor games, while others are only approved for outdoor games. There are also pickleballs approved for use both indoors and outdoors. Indoor pickleball balls are easily affected by wind and this is the main reason why they are not recommended for outdoor games. They are thinner in comparison to outdoor balls, somewhat softer and shorter lasting. Moreover, their softness prevents high bouncing when hitting the ground. Pickleballs approved for outdoor use are heavier than the indoor balls and are less easily influenced by wind. These are mostly recommended for adults and not recommended for recreational players. Since outdoor pickleballs can do some damage due to their weight, they are not used for programs that include small children. 

The pickleballs that are approved for both indoor and outdoor use are convenient for all court surfaces. Most players choose this type of pickleballs for indoor games. They have become the best-selling type and come in different colors, mostly white and green.


Pickleball footwear

Every pickleball player should have proper pickleball shoes. These special shoes should provide support for your feet and should be designed for a pickleball court. If you play pickleball more than three times a week, you should get a pair of professional sports shoes. Since pickleball requires lots of movement in many directions, your shoes should protect your ankles. The court shoes for pickleball are usually made of thicker leather. The sides of the shoes are made to provide great lateral stability. Some court shoes have high tops in order to provide extra support to leg joints.


Pickleball eyewear and gloves

Pickleball equipment includes pickleball eyewear which offers protection and safety. Although pickleball is a fairly safe game, occasionally some accidents may occur. Pickleball safety glasses will help you protect your eyes from the balls and paddles of the more competitive players while playing this exciting game. Pickleball gloves are not an essential part of the pickleball equipment and you can easily play without them. However, it is smart to have gloves, especially if you enjoy playing outdoors in cold weather. They provide protection in cold weather by keeping your fingers and hands from being exposed to the low temperatures. Some people prefer to use pickleball gloves in warmer weather to prevent slipping of the paddles due to sweaty palms. They provide a better grip, making them a recommended part of the pickleball equipment collection.


Why should you play pickleball?

A pickleball game is easy to learn and full of action, but it can also be challenging to master. The main characteristic of this sport is that players don’t have to go far to chase the ball, although it keeps them moving all the time. Pickleball players often have more hits than tennis or badminton players, but at the same time, the ball moves slower. Even if you hit the pickleball really hard, it isn’t going to fly as far as a tennis ball. This effect is caused by the holes in the ball. There are many quick back-and-forth volleys in this game, which is certainly one of its most fun aspects. It is easy to socialize by talking and laughing with other players since the court is not that wide. As with pretty much every other game, pickleball is all about strategy and patience. This game is accessible to people of all ages, while allowing competitive players to test their playing skills.

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