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Free Paddle Case for a Limited Time

Posted by Josh K on

A bag just for your paddle?  That is crazy, that cannot exist, is this trickery?  Nope it exists, we have it and it is awesome.  It has a nice soft interior and will not scratch your paddle. 

Now you can protect your paddle and throw it in any other bag you like, in the trunk of your car, you name it and it will be protected. 




How do I get one?

Good question.  Every non-wood Wolfe paddle comes with a bag (the Wolfe XL, XF and X3).  So we thought why not give you a paddle case with each purchase of a non-wood paddle regardless of the manufacturer. 

To obtain a paddle bag simply go to our pickleball paddle bag page here and add it to your cart.  Then when you checkout you can enter a discount code which is FREECASE.  The cost of the case will be removed from your order. 


What does it look like?

Another good question, you're on a roll. Easiest answered with a picture.


pickleball paddle bag





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