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Pickleball Player Profile of Brian Bass

Posted by Josh K on

Pickleball Profile of Brian BassHere is our pickleball player profile of Brian Bass. Brian plays pickleball in Festus, Missouri.  You will see from below that Brian plays Monday through Friday and often in the morning as well as the evenings. 

We hope his list below of places to play in Missouri helps anyone in his area. 

By the way he is very humble, as he has only been playing for 1 and a half years. In that very short period of time he is rated a 3.5 and has 5 medals to his name.



Name: Brian Bass
Resides In: Missouri

When did you start playing Pickleball?
I have been playing pickleball for a year and a half and I enjoy it very much.

How often do you play & where do you typically play?

  • Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at the Jefferson County YMCA (indoor)
  • Monday and Wednesday mornings at the Jokerst Park in Festus, Mo (outdoor)
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Jokerst Park in Festus, Mo (outdoor)
  • Friday nights at Tower Grove Park in St. Louis (outdoors)

What do you love about Pickleball?
I love pickleball because it is a great way to exercise and keep my weight under control. I love the competition and just socializing with the other players, who all love to talk pickleball.

Have you played in a tournament before, if so which ones?
I have played in the following tournament's (Lake Forest 2015, St. Charles Golden Games 2016, Ballwin Days 2015, Missouri Show-Me Senior games 2015, Branson, Mo. 2015 and Festus Twin Cities Days in 2015).

Do you play singles, doubles, or both?
I mainly play doubles (men's or  mixed), but I have played singles.

Have you, or as a doubles team, placed in a tournament?

If yes, which tournaments and how did you place?

I have won the following medals (gold medals in the St. Charles Golden Games mixed doubles 2016 and the Ballwin Days men's doubles 2015, silver medals in the Lake Forest men's doubles 2015 and the Festus Twin City Days men's doubles 2015 and a bronze medal in the Branson, Mo men's singles 2015)
  • First Place - St. Charles Golden Games mixed doubles 2016;
  • First Place - Ballwin Days men's doubles 2015;
  • Second Place - Lake Forest men's doubles 2015;
  • Second Place - Festus Twin City Days men's doubles 2015;
  • Third Place - in the Branson, Mo men's singles 2015

If you have been assigned one, what is your player rating?
I currently play at a 3.5 ranking, but hope to move to 4.0 shortly.

What is your favorite Wolfe Paddle and why?
I started playing using a Blaster, then went to a Rocket and am now using the Wolfe XL. I like the way the Wolfe XL feels in my hand and also the accuracy with which it allows me to make the shots I like to make, whether it is a dink, a lob, a slam, or just a straight out placement shot.

If you used a Wolfe paddle in a tournament, which tournament was it and how did you place?
I won my latest medal, the gold medal at the St Charles Golden Games mixed doubles using the Wolfe XL, hopefully the first of many more with Wolfe products!







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